The Beginning
Guy Harvey is born in Lippspringe,
Germany while his father served as a
Gunnery Officer in the British Army.
Guy is a 10th generation Jamaican of
English heritage.
Guy Brother
Guy with his Brother Jonathan and Pets
Guy Family
Guy with Family
Early Years
At the age of eight years old, Guy
attends boarding school in England.
He regularly draws the wildlife from
his native Jamaica whenever he feels
Guy Brother
Guy Harvey 8 years old
Guy Family
Early Years
First Blue
Guy catches his first blue marlin,
followed quickly by two others, as his
family wins the Port Antonio
International Marlin Tournament in
Guy Brother
Guy Harvey Early Years
Guy Family
1973 Blue Marlin Catch in Jamaica
Guy Graduation
Guy at Graduation
Guy graduates from the University of
West Indies with a Ph.D. in marine
biology. He later begins teaching as a
full-time Professor at UWI.
Guy Harvey debuts his artwork at the
Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show and sells out
his entire collection. Guy soon resigns
his position as a Professor to start
painting full-time.
Guy Gillian
Guy and Gillian
Already serving as Jamaica's
representative to the International
Game Fish Association, Guy Harvey is
nominated to be an IGFA Trustee.
Guy Trustee
Guy Shivji Director
Guy Harvey and Mahmood Shivji Director
of the Guy Harvey Research Institute
Guy Harvey establishes the Guy
Harvey Research Institute (GHRI) at
Nova Southeastern University in Ft.
Lauderdale, FL. The GHRI has since
become a worldwide leader in shark
and billfish conservation research.
"Portraits From the Deep"
Guy Harvey's "Portraits From the
Deep" television show premiers. Guy
has since hosted television programs
on networks around the world, released
several award-winning full length
documentary films, and even maintains
his own television channel.
Guy Groupers
Guy and Groupers
in the Cayman Islands
Guy Tiger Shark
Guy and Tiger Shark
The Guy Harvey Gallery and Shoppe
is opened on the famed Church Street
in George Town, Grand Cayman. The
shop features the largest collection of
Guy Harvey artwork, apparel and
Guy Harvey Gallery
Guy Harvey Gallery
Guy Harvey establishes the Guy
Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) to
increase Guy's capabilities for funding
scientific research and to help create
educational curricula aimed at
conserving the marine environment.
"Portraits From the Deep"
Guy Harvey is inducted into the IGFA
Fishing Hall of Fame. Guy has also
been inducted into the International
Swimming Hall of Fame and the
SCUBA Diving Hall of Fame.
Guy Deep
Guy Diving Fame
Guy Harvey
Oceanographic Center
Guy Harvey expands his relationship
with Nova Southeastern University by
establishing the Guy Harvey
Oceanographic Center and the Guy
Harvey Endowed Scholarship to help
foster the next generation of ocean
Guy continues to travel the world to
study the ocean's top predators and
find inspiration for his next
Guy 2016
Guy Biography